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) Discarding 10 out of 12 profiles does not preclude me 10 possibilities, because those 10 profiles do not represent a reason to have a match.

4) If girls discard, it does not mean that they can only discard them. I also have my tastes or preferences, and I have no intention of giving up my prerogatives just to have a result at any cost.

The likelihood of a girl being wrong is the same whether you give 10 likes or 400 likes.

8) I am not a doctor. I know that nutrition and training can vary the constitution, but it does not transform the connotations. If a person doesn’t like him, he doesn’t like him regardless of the physique he has.

First you have a big confusion about the law of large numbers. I quote the incipit from Treccani: Principle according to which under very general conditions the simultaneous action of a large number of random factors leads to a substantially deterministic (not random) effect. How do you contextualize such a law on Tinder ??!

But then what do you actually do in life to allow you to discard 10 out of 12 girls? (Almost) everyone likes beauty, but from the beautiful to the 80 kg by 170 cm boiler there is an abyss. I saw a handsome friend scrolling through profiles on Tinder who has photos around the world and even he didn’t reject 10 out of 12, a priori. Maybe he failed 5 out of 10 but it is attractive and extremely interesting. He has a well-paid, independent, empathetic and well-groomed job.

Have you ever read Kledi’s story? He is an Albanian dancer who arrived in Italy on a boat. He got married to a beautiful woman. Can you imagine the life he led to get to where he is? The steps and the sacrifices? How many would have been willing to do what he did? Is it aesthetically above average? Yes, but that’s not enough. There are men equally “lucky” from an aesthetic point of view who will never have his success. What do I mean by that? As Andrea said, take care of yourself, good results will come. Want to get to those 2 out of 10? It is very hard and the physical aspect can also be used, useless to be hypocrites. But one thing is certain. Only the outward appearance is not enough, a solid / centered life and well-groomed appearance can lead you to cute girls of value.

Are you a Marty Feldman lookalike or are you 1.55m? It is very hard, unfortunately writing rivers of words will not change. A greeting before bed, I will not speak anymore because it seems sterile to continue on the subject.

First of all, if you read my answer, I invite you to read the Wikipedia page on the law of large numbers, or any statistical book, instead of reading Treccani.

You will realize that the definition that is reported is much more similar to the one I wrote.

Having said that, I’ll answer your question: “how do you contextualize this thing on Tinder?”

It is not simple, actually, because there is an unponderable element involved which is given by the actual number of profiles to which ours will actually appear or not.

I can give 100 likes, but not necessarily all 100 will be able to see my profile or not.

The law of large numbers itself says that increasing the size of the sample increases the accuracy and reliability of the result.

– The Tinder algorithm has a tendency to offer you multiple profiles with a similar score to yours: this means that if your profile is not appreciated, you will have a low score.

The low score places you in the group of profiles that are in turn listed with a low score, so Tinder will mainly offer you profiles on average already discarded by most of the other users.

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